Dreaming of killing and hiding the body is a hint of obsessive behavior. You got rid of your bad habits and freed yourself from negative situations. You are reluctant to assert your rights and stand up for yourself. This is a warning sign of defeated hopes and a gloomy outlook in your endeavors. Someone is trying to contact you.

A dream about killing and hiding the body suggests something disturbing or important that you saw. You need to let your feelings out of some things. Appearances can be deceiving, you have to be careful. The dream is a message of a lack of freedom in some aspects of your life. You lack adventure in your life.

If you dream about killing and hiding the corpse:

Murder and concealment of the body dream

Today you may spend a lot of time searching for something missing. This item may only have sentimental value. However, it is important to find it. This is not a good day for research. You’re pretty insane and can look right at it without seeing it. Wait until tomorrow to search. Perhaps what you are looking for is nearby and hidden in some way.

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