Dreaming of the old manager is a metaphor for the separation between you and a friend or lover. A project that you have put so much effort into is slowly falling apart and deteriorating. You are after someone or something. It’s manly sometimes. You have reached a common decision or understanding.

An old manager’s dream marks a new beginning. Perhaps you need to let go and adopt a more comfortable position. You refuse to see the facts of the situation or deny something. It is a sign of fulfillment of your desires. Perhaps you need to take more initiative or be more in control.

If you dream about the old manager:

The old manager's dream

Things can get a little tense for you. One of your first reactions may be to look to your loved ones for support. Unfortunately, you may find that your standby is not standing by. Indeed, it may appear that they have joined the opposition. You may feel betrayed at first. In fact, you may be fighting for an ancient cause and it is time to join the opposition as well.

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