Dreaming of a flood represents your playful attitudes and a relaxed and carefree frame of mind. You plan a path to success. Financial issues are one of the most important concerns in our lives. This dream represents unrestrained passion and lust. You are at a great height in your workplace or school.

The dream of the overflow is evidence of a place where heaven and earth meet with fire. You are always on alert. A burden will be lifted from you and you will emerge victorious. It represents spiritual cleansing, rebirth or renewal. You are forbidden to do something.

If you dream of a flood:

Iceberg dream

You are a caring friend who understands how the other is feeling almost without words. Whatever it feels like to be burdened by another person, check in with yourself to see if you might feel some of the same. Although sometimes you tend to hide your feelings when someone else “reflects” them back to you, you suddenly understand. To get more in touch with your feelings, you may want to begin a martial arts practice, which values ​​patience and self-awareness in addition to physical strength.

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