Dreaming of menstrual blood is a hint of your social circle and support group. You want to escape from your current responsibilities and not worry. You are getting to your subconscious level. It means firmness and unshakable character. You need to approach some situations with more aggressiveness and determination.

The dream of blood circulation is a message to the various aspects of your conscious being and how you are connected to the universe. Maybe you need to be more forthcoming and listen. Perhaps you are off track and heading in the wrong direction. This dream is an omen for the representative of your emotional thoughts. You are looking for order in your life.

If you dream of menstrual blood:

Today is a “off” day for you regarding your career. Don’t sweat. It is simply one of those days. Nothing seems to be going right, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed forever. Be calm with yourself and be patient. Things will get better.

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