Dreaming of someone being shot is an omen of your desire or need for change. You worry about verbalizing or communicating certain feelings or thoughts. You oscillate to act and act a certain way. This is a hint of challenge. You need more affection or you need to show more love.

A dream about a person being shot is a harbinger of cycles and movement. You have regained your footing in life. You need to demolish the walls that you created around you. Your dream is about a hidden side of yourself that you don’t want to admit or face. You feel that the rules don’t apply to you.

If you dream about shooting someone:

Today’s aspect reminds you of things you felt long ago. There may have been moments in the past year when you needed to express yourself to someone, and for some reason you didn’t feel like you could. Or maybe you meant to do something nice for yourself and you kept putting it off. Use the day to focus on your emotions, and notice where there are obstacles in your feelings and where you left a difficult place. Comfort yourself with nutritious food.

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