Dreaming of a pet cat running away is a metaphor for things going on in your life or something buzzing with activity. You are pursuing empty and fruitless pursuits. You may be very confident and need to question other people’s motives. This is a sign of a sense of failure or that you do not live up to the expectations of others. You break barriers and boundaries.

A dream about an escaping pet cat is a harbinger of your negative feelings about relationships. You are avoiding some issues or situations that someone symbolizes. You are unable to express your feelings. Your dream is a harbinger of your sensitivities to a situation that have not been properly expressed. You want to put yourself in someone’s shoes so that you can better relate to what they are going through or are going through.

If you dream of a pet cat running away:

Pet cat escapes dream

Nobody likes being told what to do, and they don’t like being ignored. If you do it from the heart, you will move forward in a very positive way. It will open up a new area of ​​pleasure for both of you.

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