Dreaming about the phone call from death is a message to recognize and acknowledge your strong desires. You suffer from a loss of trust in others. You are experiencing anxiety and fear about an upcoming task or event in your life. The dream is unfortunately a warning sign of things going on in your life or something buzzing with activity. You may feel stuck or hopeless.

A phone call from the dead dream indicates loneliness and loss. You don’t understand where other people are coming from and you feel their point of view is skewed. You are on the defensive. Your dream is a message of your desire to escape the pain of reality rather than face it. The situation makes you very nervous.

If you dreamed of a phone call from the dead:

A phone call from a dead dream

Conflict is not your forte, and you may find yourself turning your back today on those who seem to enjoy conflict. Don’t try to understand why other people do what they do or say what they say. If you can avoid getting involved, do yourself a favor. Take yourself seriously today and think about your health. Your back supports your body in times of stress. It is important to relax your entire back appropriately. A yoga class or a hot bath is in order!

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