Dreaming of picking green tomatoes is evidence of the fusion of your mental and spiritual states. You are taking back control. You are not afraid to express your deepest feelings. This dream expresses your fears and worries about the future. You feel unprepared.

Picking green tomatoes in a dream is a premonition of self-acceptance. Your personal space is being invaded. You need to calm down or put out a heated situation before it gets out of control. This indicates your boldness. You don’t own what you said.

If you dream of picking green tomatoes:

Picking green tomatoes dream

Today you may learn something about a friend who can be somewhat frustrated. There may be a dark side to this person that you weren’t aware of before, and that may cause you to want to withdraw for a while and re-evaluate your involvement with this person. When you think about it, remember that we all have our dark sides. Could what you discovered simply be this factor, or is this too much beyond it for you? think about it!

Dream of picking green tomatoes:

The good news needs to be shared!!!