A dream about planes falling in the sky is financial anxiety, financial loss, or a risky endeavor. You need to survive the hard times before you can enjoy the good times. You don’t know your limits. Your dream illustrates your insecurities and fears that he will not like you again. There are some situations or problems that you can no longer avoid and ignore.

Airplanes falling in the sky dream is an indication of a situation where you need to respond or act quickly. You need to get rid of negativity in your life in order to move forward and grow as a person. You don’t feel emotionally complete. This dream indicates speed, agility and physical fitness. You are overly dependent on your family.

If you dream of planes falling in the sky:

The celestial alignment can help give you a more grounded feeling, which can be very necessary right now. Since you tend to get deeply involved in anything you set your sights on, a time when you have to think about the more practical and material aspects of your daily existence will help bring a sense of perspective, which may be exactly what you need.

Dream of planes falling from the sky:

The good news needs to be shared!!!