A dream about a pregnant friend is a harbinger of harmony, pleasure and fertility. Perhaps you are depriving yourself of some joy or pleasure. You will be involved in some important matter or decision. This eternity and magic. There is something in your life that is eating into your consciousness.

A dream about a pregnant friend indicates enlightenment and understanding. You need to try and get back in the right direction. You are ready for love and you want to give love. The dream represents excitement and dangers in some aspect of your life. Something that made an impact or impression on you.

If you dream about a pregnant friend:

Dream of a pregnant friend

Today the level of your imagination and intuition is especially high. Trust your heart today, especially with new projects and money. Visions may seem to be knocking on the doors of your conscious mind, yet it may take some deep thought to understand their significance. Don’t try to solve it through logic. Better to let it all come to you. Then take advantage of logic to consider what you should do about it!

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