Dreaming of a psychic reading suggests the elevation of your current circumstances. You need to slow down and appreciate the finer things in life. You have a desire to retreat from the pressures of the real world. The dream is an indication of carelessness and neglect. Sometimes you need to adjust to or give in to other people’s requests.

A dream about psychic reading indicates wealth or dignity. You have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and determine how they might feel. You feel overwhelmed. This dream indicates a period of recovery. You can no longer continue in the same cycle and must make drastic changes.

If you dream about a psychic reading:

Psychic dream reading

Your attitude is calm and matter-of-fact when speaking to others. You tell it like it is while ignoring the frills and fantasies. You have no reason to hide the truth, so you are happy to disclose the information to any willing listener. Be careful, because you can get into someone else’s business without an invitation. If you hear some confidential information, you can tell it to others who definitely shouldn’t hear it.

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