Dreaming of pushing a car uphill indicates how much you feel responsible for your life. You are unwilling to let go of your feelings. You may be expressing concerns about your spirituality. Your dream indicates a firm and solid foundation. You are guided by honor, structure, and what is right.

The realization of a dream about a car is a harbinger of feminine strength, beauty and love. You are avoiding some deep emotional problems. Perhaps you have concerns about being able to keep your word. Your dream indicates creativity and your need for self-expression. All eyes are on you.

If you dream of pushing a car uphill:

Drive a dream car uphill

Use this energy to get rid of any unresolved issues in your home life. This may mean looking at your healthy habits and asking yourself if you really are “living” as comfortably as you would like. Are you eating enough green leafy vegetables to keep your digestive system working properly? This is one of those “spring cleaning” types that should last all year long!

Regarding the pushing up car dream:

The good news needs to be shared!!!