Dreaming about reality indicates the need to feel protected and protected from the elements. You are looking for specific qualities that someone represents. You need to collect or put something together, such as evidence, information, or just things. This indicates something you are anxious to say. The answer to the decision you have to make is yes.

A dream about reality means the womb and your desire to isolate yourself from others. You need to be clear about something that has been bothering you. What you thought was difficult at first will be worth your time. The dream is an indication that you are afraid of something you heard. You have to follow what you want.

If you dream in reality:

A dream come true

Take a break from your steady climb today. Look at the things around you. Enjoy a night out with friends and take an active part in the conversation. Watch a movie or play. Do more socializing and you will be able to release some tension that you may not even realize is inside of you. Get the energy moving again. Take an active part and keep up with the pace.

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