A dream about a rocking chair is a symbol of your anticipation of your next event in real life. You are making progress in your spiritual, emotional, or material journey. You may admire your own accomplishments. Your dream is a guide to light fun and pleasure. You are well grounded and logical in your thinking.

A dream about a rocking chair is a premonition of your need for love and intimacy. Your path to success is within reach. Perhaps you will recreate new paths of expression and perhaps a new birth. Your dream is uncontrollable energy. You suppress your emotions or aggression and express them in a socially acceptable manner.

If you dream about a rocking chair:

Give special attention to others today. Remind people how much they mean to you. Adopt a childlike attitude to excitement and adventure. That’s the name of the game on a day like this. Let the sunshine touch your soul no matter the weather. There is extra fuel for your fire. Get out and do the things you love to do.

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