Dreaming of saving animals from a fire is an omen of how well you can handle yourself and your ability to relate to others. Someone is taking revenge on you. You are assessing and evaluating your personal relationship. This is a message of a memory or something in the past that you hold on to. Jealousy prevents you from forming meaningful relationships.

Rescuing animals from a fire in a dream portends renewed vitality. You have reached an understanding or compromise on a situation. You are emotionally confused. This dream indicates fame, fortune, good health and love. You are growing emotionally.

If you dream of saving animals from a fire:

Rescuing animals from a fire is a dream

You might find it hard to resist someone who is totally and absolutely amazing to look at. But bodies aren’t everything, as you already know, so try not to be completely infatuated with this one. You are being tempted.

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