Dreaming of severe dandruff, unfortunately, indicates your reticence and hesitation in taking a path. Loss of strength and uncertainty in achieving your goals is indicated. You have some painful problems that you refuse to face. Your dream unfortunately is a warning sign of your feeling of stability in your life, whether financially, mentally or emotionally. Some situations outside of your control cause you to become emotionally closed.

A dream about severe dandruff indicates a situation or relationship that you need to calm down. You feel that you cannot stand up for yourself. You are physically and emotionally detached from the people and situations that currently surround you. Your dream indicates your tendency to punish yourself. You might spread yourself too thin.

If you dream of severe dandruff:

Severe dandruff dream

Today you may decide to spend most of your day alone at home, perhaps working on a creative project of some kind. Your mind and imagination are working at a high level, and perhaps a gathering of friends will inspire you. It’s actually a good day to make use of your artistic talent. Your insight and vision should lead to some impactful results. work hard!

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