Dreaming of a sister’s engagement means getting rid of old ways, habits, and circumstances. You are not thinking clearly about your actions. There is a problem in your life that needs to be corrected. Your dream is evidence of your overwhelming passion. Your words all come out wrong.

A dream about a sister’s engagement indicates your tendency to take her without returning the favor. You may feel that you do not meet the expectations of others. You are reconnecting with your loved ones and reconnecting with old connections. This dream indicates some negative feelings or anger that is directed at you, but you are oblivious. You need to proceed carefully to avoid being ambushed or encountered, especially by co-workers, friends or enemies.

If you dream of your sister getting engaged:

Dream of her sister's engagement

Don’t dig yourself into a hole today, especially with the current Heavenly Energy. There can be a temptation to get sucked into one of your dismal frames of mind and thus miss out on meeting someone rather special. If you have a party or other social event to go to, this will do you a lot of good.

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