Dreaming of someone being old is a symbol of disappointments and broken relationships. You need to get rid of some bad feelings. You are looking for a change of scenery where no one is expected of you. It’s a metaphor for your attitude to your appearance. Do not give your desires to temptation, for they will be unfulfilling and unfulfilling.

Being someone old in a dream is a symbol of conflicting thoughts. An aspect of yourself that is unable to express itself freely. You suffer from feelings of doubt, inadequacy, and a lack of control over your life. The dream indicates your lack of strength or control over a situation. You are trying to hurt others with your harsh words and negative behavior.

If you dream of an old person:

Old person dreaming

It’s not a particularly passionate time, though there can be plenty of flirting and meaningful eye contact. Better to use this opportunity to make new friends and see what happens from there.

Regarding someone had an old dream:

The good news needs to be shared!!!