Dreaming of someone who has lice eggs is an indication of incomplete aspects of yourself that you may have ignored. You may find that those around you are willing to support what you do or decide. You are willing to rid yourself of the pain of the past. The dream shows your real confused state of mind and illogical events in your life. Some of your conservative views clash with your liberal and wild side.

Someone who has a dream about nits expresses illness, disaster, or fear. Something is missing from your life. You are not using your full potential and you need to start using your stored energy levels and brainpower. This is a harbinger of a lingering problem or concern for you. You need to emotionally withdraw yourself from the situation in order to regain some control, structure, and order.

If you dream of someone suffering from lice eggs:

Someone who has a dream of nits

Your mood isn’t particularly strong today, so it’s good that you’re not at work, otherwise your overall mood will be much worse. If you have to take time off from work, do your best to make peace rather than go to war with those around you.

Regarding someone who had a dream of lice eggs:

The good news needs to be shared!!!