Dreaming of someone licking my neck is a harbinger of discord in your domestic relationships and setbacks in your business affairs. You don’t feel comfortable. You feel judged, criticized, and scrutinized. Expresses feelings of inferiority and ineffectiveness. You don’t control your life.

Someone licking my neck symbolizes your tendency to control or manipulate someone or some situation. The situation is not as bad as I expected. You do not take on your duties. This dream is a harbinger of your tendency to take pain in order to please others. An aspect of yourself is worn out.

If you dream about someone licking my neck:

Someone licks my neck dream

Increased mental powers may cause you to spend a lot of time reading or doing research of some kind. Your curiosity is especially high right now. You may even consider advancing your education in some way, especially as new interests stimulate you for a while. Perhaps he started thinking of new friends in wonderful fields. This is the time to consider this.

Regarding someone licking my neck dream:

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