Dreaming of someone slapping someone is a metaphor for the results of your hard work. You may have too many responsibilities and work too hard to meet your emotional needs. You may have offended your own beliefs and values. It is a harbinger of an impulsive decision that you will make. There is some disturbance or unease that needs to be addressed and resolved immediately.

Unfortunately, for someone to slap someone in the dream is some confusion in your thought process. You are lacking in a certain nutrient. You’ve bitten off more than you’ve chewed. This dream is unfortunately your concern about finances and financial security. There is a situation you are trying to avoid.

If you dream that someone is slapping someone:

Someone slapped someone in a dream

Perhaps the difficulty is related to an old pattern of behavior that limits your emotional expression. Perhaps it is worth spending some time alone, as this is the fastest way to make progress and change things for the better. Be at peace with yourself.

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