Dreaming of a stolen handbag indicates psychological recovery. You are not afraid to tell others that you are in charge. Your hunch about someone may turn out to be correct. The dream means your life commitments. You are on the right track and flying towards success without restrictions.

A dream about a stolen handbag hints that there is an insidious plan against you. You are trying to communicate with your spouse the same way he/she was communicating with you. You are building a protective barrier or emotional wall around yourself. This dream is a guide to connecting with someone or your conscious mind. You need to take things one by one and assess the situation individually.

If you dreamed that a handbag was stolen:

Today, you may start working on a project that you have wanted to do for a long time. This could be career related or personal, but either way it should nudge you in whatever direction you want to go. The only downside is that you can be very hard on yourself and criticize your work a lot. Try to be objective and view your work as impartially as you would the work of others.

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