Dreaming of sunshine represents your sense of spirituality. Your movement has been impeded in some way. You need to put some goals, plans or situations on hold. The dream is a hint of the boundaries of brotherhood and togetherness. To be in the first position or your position in the foreground.

A dream about sunshine is an indication of the instinctive and uninhibited side of your personality. Maybe you need a vacation. There is something you don’t want to reveal to others. This dream is an indication of who you are and what you allow others to see or know about you. You are going against your instincts.

If you dream of sunshine:

Promote balance and harmony today by letting go of a little strength before trying to get involved with others and their drama. Secure yourself in a stable environment where you can vent your fears, punch pillows, or run around the block. Once you get that, you’ll have a fresh, new attitude to take part in the day’s adventures.

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