Dreaming of escaping death expresses poverty and loneliness. You are looking for an outlet to release some pent-up stress and anxiety. You are showing a lack of judgment. This expresses your indifferent attitude. You are trying not to let certain things bother you, but they are killing your subconscious mind.

A dream about death is a warning sign of an idea that has emerged from your subconscious mind. Nothing seems overwhelming or difficult to handle. Much mental activity is expended towards the task at hand. Your dream is a metaphor for death, transformation, or change. You or someone is taking advantage of a situation in a negative way.

If you dream of escaping death:

Escape from a dream of death

You can find that what was light and energetic yesterday is hitting a snag today. It can feel like you’re suddenly going straight into a brick wall with regard to some of your current projects. Suddenly, there’s a more conservative tone to things, and you may have lost a bit of your precious momentum. Use this time to step back and reassess wisdom in your direction.

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