Dreaming of swimming in chocolate is a sign of sexual arousal, lust and emotions. Better times ahead for you. You need to proceed carefully in certain situations or relationships. It is a message for the end of a cycle or condition. You are acknowledging an aspect of yourself that has not been expressed.

Swimming in a chocolate dream indicates your need for spiritual enrichment. You analyze yourself and your thoughts from an objective point of view. You live big. This dream indicates your security and secrets. Everything around you is moving forward, but you are unable to keep up.

If you dreamed of swimming in chocolate:

Swimming in a chocolate dream

So many ideasso little time! And go to other worlds besides this earthly existence! There is wonderful energy to be drawn from Soul Journeys, but the effect is only as good as your physical condition. Equate yourself during this special time to a diet that includes fresh meals made with seasonal vegetables. Earth products for a healthy mind!

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