Dreaming of a comeback video is unfortunately a warning for some situations in your life that are permanent and cannot be changed. You have to learn to take the negative and turn it into a positive. There is a secret that you don’t reveal. This indicates something terrible. You are trying to distance yourself from a situation.

The dream of the return of the video is evidence of loss and misfortune. You are still searching for your identity and discovering who you are. You are too busy meeting the needs and demands of others, rather than meeting the needs and demands of others. Your dream indicates your feelings of rejection or shame. You are trying to find yourself or are searching for some aspect of yourself that may have been repressed or forgotten.

If you dream about a comeback video:

Dream comeback video

You really need your freedom, but you may find it difficult to get it. Today you may have to do some negotiations. Not that your loved one needs twenty-four hours a day, but right now your partner is feeling a little insecure. They just need some reassurance that you haven’t forgotten they were there. Give them that and all will be well.

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