A dream about tilapia is an indication of light-heartedness and fun. You are ready to move forward with a new project in your life. You have the power to stop at any moment to consider your next plan of action. This refers to the rewards you get when you consider pursuing your goals. Something is stopping you from delving deeper.

A dream about tilapia is an omen of your deep spiritual growth and advancement. You feel complete. You feel alienated from those around you. Your dream denotes closure, strength and great gains. There is an obstruction to the flow of your spiritual energy.

If you dream of tilapia:

Today’s fast paced madness is just what you need to start your brain and move it in the right direction. Control the fire inside and keep it going all day long. You will find that there is a more personal side to your thoughts, and you can think more logically about your feelings. Your heart and your head work well together.

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