Dreaming of very big waves is evidence of happy occasions and happiness. You suffer from low self-esteem. You are searching for balance in your life. Your dream is something in your life that keeps everything or everyone together. Some of the projects you’re working on require coherent action.

A dream about very big waves is about excitement, lust, or sensuality. You’ve resigned yourself to the current rhythm and you’re along. You need time to decompress and restore your faith. This symbolizes loyalty, passion and devotion. You are ashamed of something.

If you dream of very big waves:

Very big waves dream

May love and passion be on your mind. If you are not currently involved, you may be attracted to someone you know through work, so a little caution is advised. Suggest a professional lunch or dinner and then see where to go. You may not get what you want today, but you can create new possibilities for tomorrow!

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