Dreaming of witnessing a shipwreck is a harbinger of your suffering in your career, relationship, or other problem. There is a situation where you seek acceptance and want to be a part of it. Something is missing in your life. Unfortunately, it is anger and hidden aggression. You are missing out on your better other half.

Watching a shipwreck in a dream is evidence of your simplified needs and desires. Someone imposes their views on you. You don’t let stress and pressure get to you. This dream is a harbinger of your submission to authority. You may be indulging in a lot of excesses and need to exercise some self-control.

If you dreamed of watching a sinking ship:

Watching a shipwreck dream

You can never have enough laughter in your life. The very act of laughter is deeply stimulating and releases pressure that has been stored in the lower chakras, where your energy tends to get blocked. Put yourself in situations where you know laughter will play a role. If you like movies, start choosing funny movies over scary ones. If you have children in your life, get down on the floor and start playing with them. There is no better medicine than laughter.

Regarding witnessing a shipwreck dream:

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