Dreaming of your water breaking during pregnancy means closure of something. You will overcome some emotional difficulties. You are searching for your identity and finding yourself. Your dream is a metaphor for royal power and authority. You overlooked an urgent matter or situation.

A dream about water coming down during pregnancy is sometimes fertility, sensuality, gluttony, or vitality. You don’t want to hear some truth. You are looking for validation or approval. This dream symbolizes your latent and untapped energies. You need to acknowledge aspects of a person and incorporate them into your personality.

If you dream about water falling during pregnancy:

The water breaks during a pregnant dream

Today you can perform a real magical action. You can spin words the way a magician does tricks, and make other people hear things you haven’t actually said. You can even create an entire story that seems believable enough, but that just never happens. But don’t be too smug about ityour loved one knows you well. do not go away.

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The good news needs to be shared!!!