A dream about a car being submerged in water is a message of a transitional stage in your life. You need to refresh and revitalize. You are under a lot of stress or pressure. The dream symbolizes feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. You are distracted from pursuing your goals.

A dream about a submerged car is a hint of your desire for inner exploration and self-discovery. You are going back to your old habits and ways. You succeed even though those around you tell you that you will fail. The dream indicates some hidden secrets. You need to approach some situations with more aggressiveness and determination.

If you dreamed of a car that was flooded:

Dream of a sinking car

You have a generous nature. You know how to give and devote yourself to solving problems that others trust. This would still be true today, but not quite in the same way. In fact, it wouldn’t be wise for people to bother you with their problems if you really weren’t that important. It’s time to take care of yourself for a while.

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