A dream about watering flowers draws attention to situations of revenge and revenge. You leave behind old attitudes and look to the future. You may feel ignored or neglected. This expresses expectation or opportunity. You need to think things through more clearly.

A dream about watering flowers represents someone who you are afraid might harm you in some way. You may also be seeking some recognition of your progress. You are a picky person. It is a metaphor for a warning. You are overburdened.

If you dream of watering flowers:

Watering dream flowers

Sudden demands on your resources by others can make you feel used. He may ask you for a loan. Your doubts about the person’s ability to repay may clash with your sympathy for their situation. Your intuition is good today, so use it to read the true motives of those who ask for services. Give only to the people you feel are suitable.

Dream of watering flowers:

The good news needs to be shared!!!