Dreaming of a broken wedding ring represents your choices or the inconsistency of some situations. You are going through a period of purification and purification. You are closing yourself off from the world. This is a warning to issues of moral judgment and guilt. You are stuck in the past or have outdated ways of thinking.

A dream about a wedding ring falling apart indicates little progress in achieving your goals. Some aspect of you or the situation has been smeared. You feel stuck in some aspect of your life, be it your career, your relationship, etc. This is a harbinger of feelings that you rejected. You may not take responsibility for your actions and look for scapegoats.

If you dream of a broken wedding ring:

Dreaming of a wedding ring falling apart

The ideas may seem good at first, but unless they have real emotion and passion behind them, don’t trust them or the person they came from. If a concept does not have emotional support, it is sure to fall apart.

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