Dreaming of whips is a sign of a cultivated passion and your desires for the finer things in life. You’ve resigned yourself to the current rhythm and you’re along. You need to express your feelings in a clearer way. This dream is a metaphor for creation, imagination and new ideas. You need to rethink your goals and the direction you want to take in life.

The dream of whips indicates an important message from the subconscious mind or inner wisdom. You are looking for some peace and quiet. There is something in your life that needs to be replaced or eliminated. This dream is the beginning of newfound happiness and improvements in various aspects of your life. You are attending or making a presentation.

If you dreamed about whips:

Kindness is great, but exploitation can be dangerous. You really need to trust your instincts to prevent this from happening. If what you hear doesn’t match what you feel, trust your feelings. If you get used to it, you should bypass it. It would be a shame if resentment permanently dulled your giving nature.

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The good news needs to be shared!!!