Dreaming of a widow getting married is a hint of your greatest potential and growth. You are retreating into your subconscious mind. You abide by the rules. This dream is a sign of hope and salvation. Your grandmother is a dominant figure in your life.

A dream about a widow’s marriage indicates success and fame. You are going to an event yourself. You are helpless. Your dream is a harbinger of a frugal but happy lifestyle. You are engaging in counterproductive activity.

If you dreamed of a widow getting married:

Widow marriage dream

If you are in love, you will love today. You can plan almost anything from a little trip together to a life full of kids and grandkids. Although your eyesight sometimes gets the better of your spontaneity, allow yourself to succumb to the unexpected a bit. The future will be in contrast, after the relative gloom of the past few weeks.

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