Dreaming of worms and ants is a message to your literary mind and romantic notions. You are connecting to a higher level and an elevated sense of spirituality. You refuse something. This represents warmth and protection. You are open and receptive to new changes.

A dream about worms and ants is evidence of your endurance and fighting strength. You may be experiencing a higher level of awareness, new freedom, and greater awareness. There is still more growth to be done. Your dream is self-confidence, spiritual and mental balance and peace of mind. You are looking for spiritual food or just a conversation.

If you dreamed of worms and ants:

Dreaming of worms and ants

In discussion with your partner (current or prospective) you begin to find out where these feelings arose from, and what caused them. This will help both of you get to the root of the fear-based problem that has haunted you for quite some time, and treat it.

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