How to use the ovulation device to get pregnant with a boy We will learn during the following lines how to use the ovulation device to get pregnant with a boy, through some steps.

How to use an ovulation device to conceive a boy

  • Take an ovulation test when you notice vaginal discharge
  • Do not drink large amounts of water when doing an ovulation test
  • Put your urine in a clean cup, then hold the ovulation tester in the cup for 15 seconds.
  • Take the test out of the cup and place it on a flat table.
  • then wait three minutes
  • Look at the signs that appear in the test, if a smiley face appears, ovulation will be within 12 to 72 hours

How do I know that I am pregnant by the ovulation device?

  • One of the doctors stated that the ovulation device does not show if a woman is pregnant or not, so if a woman wants to know if she is pregnant or not, she can take a pregnancy test.
  • While the function of the ovulation device is to detect the days of ovulation most likely to occur, and it does not show if there is pregnancy or not.

Ovulation tracking with vaginal sonar

  • One of the experiments with ovulation tracking by sonar mentioned that she suffered from delayed pregnancy problem, as she visited the doctor and the doctor told her that the ovulation process is irregular, so she used to visit the doctor to determine the Exact dates of ovulation, since I used to have the ultrasound done several times.
  • Also, the doctor advised me to drink several glasses of water before ultrasound hours, as it helps to determine the location of the ovum, and then I was able to determine the date of ovulation and pregnancy, so my experience with vaginal ultrasound for ovulation tracking was good

When does the egg hatch after the dark line?

  • The ovulation test is considered positive when two lines appear, as a positive test indicates that ovulation occurs within approximately 12 to 36 hours.
  • Where the ovulation period after the positive test is considered the best period for sexual intercourse, since pregnancy rates are high in this period
  • Therefore, you should follow the ovulation period by following up with the doctor with an ultrasound scan or a home ovulation test, which helps you to know the ovulation dates.

When should I go to the doctor to track ovulation?

  • One of the experiments with ovulation tracking indicated that she suffered from late labor problems, so the doctor advised her to track ovulation to increase the chances of pregnancy, as pregnancy rates increase during the period. of ovulation.
  • Where I advised her to follow it during the second day of the cycle, I actually visited the doctor and she prescribed me some pills, then after about two months I was able to find out that the pregnancy had occurred, so my experience was good with the follow-up of ovulation.

Can ovulation be monitored with regular ultrasound?

  • You can track ovulation through vaginal sonar, where you need to track ovulation with the doctor, as vaginal sonar helps to know the exact dates of ovulation to a great extent.
  • Ovulation tracking with sonar helps determine ovulation dates, increasing the chances of pregnancy

Full day ovulation tracking

  • Ovulation usually begins on cycle day 13, and ovulation can occur on cycle day 16 or 17 in some cases, but it’s best to know exact ovulation by visiting your doctor.
  • You can also know the ovulation dates through a home ovulation test, since it helps you to know the ovulation dates

How to track ovulation at home

  • You can track ovulation through a home ovulation test, as it helps you to know the ovulation dates
  • So if you want to know the best time to get pregnant, you can use an ovulation test.
  • The ovulation test is easy to use and affordable.