Is it possible to get pregnant with the contraceptive chip? Women are very busy repeating this question for fear of pregnancy, so we will answer you below about it in detail, to know the effectiveness of the contraceptive chip.

Is it possible to get pregnant with a contraceptive chip?

  • The pregnancy rate with the use of the contraceptive strip is very small, since the contraceptive strip is one of the safe methods that help in birth control and pregnancy prevention.
  • The contraceptive stick is installed in the arm for three years and can be removed at any time

Does the contraceptive strip cause vaginal dryness?

  • The contraceptive strip can cause vaginal dryness as it contains contraceptive hormones, which can affect a woman’s hormones and cause an imbalance in vaginal secretions.
  • However, vaginal dryness can be treated with moisturizers and creams that help moisturize the vagina.

Does the antibiotic cancel the effect of the contraceptive strip?

  • There are some drugs that can work to weaken the effect of birth control, such as HIV drugs.
  • However, this does not apply to all drugs and antibiotics, so if you are taking antibiotics or drugs, you can tell your doctor about your birth control method.
  • However, it should be noted that there are some simple types that will affect the effectiveness of pills or contraceptives.

When does the contraceptive strip start to work?

  • The contraceptive strip is an effective contraceptive method for birth control and pregnancy delay
  • In addition, the effect of the contraceptive strip starts about 24 hours after the contraceptive strip is installed, and the contraceptive strip lasts about three years, a woman can remove the contraceptive strip at any time, but the woman should know the right time to remove the contraceptive strip. contraceptive strip. doctor’s contraceptive strip

Your experiences with the contraceptive implant

  • One of the experiences with the contraceptive implant mentioned that it is indeed a good contraceptive method, and also said that he may not have found the disadvantages of the contraceptive chip as great as those found in other methods, so he said that my the experience with the contraceptive implant was good
  • Although one of the contraceptive implant experiences indicated that she had had some problems using the contraceptive implant, she said that the contraceptive implant caused irregular periods and constant headaches, so my experience with the contraceptive implant was not a good one. He said that he had some problems with the contraceptive implant.

Side effects of birth control strips

  • The contraceptive chip can result in some damage, so we show these damages below.
  • Menstrual disturbances and periods that are irregular or stopped for a long time
  • Feeling of headache, dizziness and tiredness
  • Women may also notice spots at different times.
  • Women may also notice weight gain with birth control chip use, but this doesn’t last long, doctors said

Symptoms after removing the contraceptive strip

  • The appearance of a tumor at the site of the contraceptive strip or at the site from which the strip was removed
  • The appearance of bruising and swelling at the site of the slip.
  • In case of severe and unexpected symptoms after removing the contraceptive strip, you should see a doctor to avoid problems

contraceptive segment and period

  • The contraceptive strip can cause some effects on the menstrual cycle, as it can cause irregular menstruation or interruption of the menstrual cycle.
  • The woman may also notice some drops of blood with the contraceptive slice from one period to another, and this occurs in small percentages according to the experiments.

Does the contraceptive strip cause cancer?

  • Doctors’ opinions differed about the contraceptive chip’s effect on cancer, with some mentioning the possibility of cancer and others denying it.
  • However, there are some barriers to installing a contraceptive chip, so these people should not install a contraceptive chip.
  • Women who are allergic to the components of the contraceptive strip
  • Women with abnormal bleeding
  • Women with liver disease and liver tumors.
  • Women with a history of cancer or who suspect they may have cancer
  • Women suffering from heart attacks, heart attacks and blood clots.

Does the birth control pill make you gain weight?

  • The effect of the contraceptive chip on weight gain has not been proven correct, as we find in various contraceptive methods.
  • However, some experiments reported that the birth control chip can cause weight gain.
  • While some doctors have mentioned that if a woman sees weight gain, this may be temporary as the woman’s weight may return to normal weight after a few months.

contraceptive chip prices

  • Contraceptive chip prices vary according to several things, such as the type of chip, where the chip is installed, and other things.
  • However, the price of Implanon capsules in government units can reach 2 Saudi riyals.
  • It is also difficult to determine a specific price for the contraceptive chip, since the price can vary from place to place.

Bleeding with contraceptive strip

  • A woman may notice a few drops of blood intermittently after using the birth control strip.
  • Where a woman may notice drops of blood intermittently, not menstrual blood
  • A woman may also notice some disturbances in the menstrual cycle or a prolonged interruption of the cycle.

Contraceptive strip and hair loss

  • There are some side effects that can result from the birth control strip, as a woman may notice these things appear when using the birth control strip.
  • Irregular menstruation or prolonged absence of menstruation
  • Mood swings in women A woman may feel some mood swings
  • Mild breast pain where a woman may experience some breast pain
  • Feeling of headache and dizziness after using the contraceptive strip
  • However, the contraceptive slice has not been shown to have an effect on hair loss, as it is found in some other methods, which cause women to lose hair.

male contraceptive strip

  • Contraceptive methods, as some believe, are not limited to women only, but also men can use a contraceptive method, if the wife cannot use one of the methods.
  • There are several options, such as condoms, hormonal contraceptives, Gindarosa pills, or an epididymal protease inhibitor.
  • The contraceptive patch for men is also one of the options that you can turn to, as the contraceptive patch for men helps reduce the production of sperm.

contraceptive and lactation chip

  • Some doctors have stated that the contraceptive strip does not affect breastfeeding, since the contraceptive strip can be inserted during the first 5 days of the menstrual cycle.
  • The contraceptive chip can also be installed after birth about 21 days, or you can confirm the most suitable time to install the chip after birth with the specialist doctor.