A mixture to lighten sensitive areas, many ask about the recipes to lighten the sensitive area, in this article we present a mixture to lighten the sensitive area with an explanation of how to prepare it and how to use it, so now let us know. East.

A lightening blend for sensitive areas.

There is a mix of creams that lighten sensitive areas quickly, and now let us introduce you to that mix.

We add a half pack of Dokine cream with a half pack of Depperson cream, then add less than a quarter pack of Retin-A cream, because it peels and adding more than a quarter pack can burn the skin.

The previous mixture is applied at night, taking into account that the skin is not exposed to the sun, then in the morning the face is rinsed well.

This mixture is used for 10 days to two weeks, and it is possible to add a moisturizer after using this mixture.

Prices to lighten sensitive areas with laser

The cost of using laser to lighten the sensitive area varies depending on the laser device used, and also varies from center to center, but in general, the cost of laser lightening sensitive areas within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 Riyals. Saudis per full body session.

The price of laser hair removal in the bikini area ranges from 350 to 1,000 Saudi riyals, depending on which clinic you go to.

Nahdi whitening cream for sensitive areas

Beesline cream, whitening cream for sensitive areas, 50ml, is available from Al-Nahdi Pharmacy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a price of 66.15 Saudi riyals, and is now on discount, from 94.50 saudi riyals before . .

Beesline cream is a cream to lighten the sensitive area, and it is an effective cream that has proven its effectiveness in that.

Fast-acting whitening cream for sensitive areas

Evagloss Cream, lightens sensitive areas in particular and the skin in general, and it is a cream that removes spots and blackheads from the body, and it is a cream that softens and moisturizes the skin, and it is safe because all natural ingredients are 100% , this cream is used for a week to obtain the desired results.

Devine Derrier cream is the solution to lighten the sensitive area because it contains many peptides and vitamins, but care must be taken when using it to avoid damage.

The best whitening cream for sensitive areas.

Beesline cream is a cream that quickly lightens the skin and sensitive areas as it is rich in coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sesame oil and lactic acid, as well as rich vitamins.

Beesline cream is used twice a day to lighten sensitive areas, including underarms, and it is a whitening cream that has been shown to be effective on that.

Clarify sensitive areas my experience

One of the biggest problems girls face is the darkening of the private area, and now we will introduce you to my experience with the private area.

A 22-year-old girl says: “I was about to get married, but my private area was very dark. I got tired of the experiments until I used a mixture of Docaine cream with diprosone cream and used them at night, then I used betadine lotion. after washing and drying the intimate area, and putting on completely cotton clothes with daily showers, after a month the desired result appeared.

Laser lightening of sensitive areas

Laser technology has become one of the modern technologies that contribute to lightening the sensitive area, but we cannot say that laser lightens the sensitive area directly, rather it eliminates the biggest factor that leads to darkening of the sensitive area, which is the hair. .

Just as the density of the hair leads to perspiration and then to the appearance of rashes and infections, leaving the hair on the sensitive area leads to darkening of the sensitive area.

The laser is used for hair removal purposes because it is a modern, comfortable and easy technology, and the use of the laser begins from the age of fifteen, which is the age at which hair appears.

There are a number of types of lasers used, chosen based on skin type, as follows:

laser ruby

alexandrite laser

laser diode

Intense Frequency Laser (IPL).

Lighten sensitive areas in 3 days

There are several mixtures of natural methods that help to lighten the sensitive area as soon as possible, since lemon is an effective substance to lighten the sensitive area, but the lemon must be diluted with water and honey, then the mixture is placed on the area. and then rinse with warm water shortly.

The step of diluting the lemon is very important because the lemon is protective in the sensitive area and using it raw can damage the skin and cause skin irritation, it is recommended to use moisturizing creams after the lemon juice.

Cucumber juice is also effective in lightening the sensitive area, since it contains vitamin C and some elements that reduce the production of melanin, which is responsible for the darkening of the sensitive area.