Moroccan Commissioned Maids, Moroccan labor is one of the cleanest and most skilled workers in the field of domestic service as it has many advantages. to them.

Moroccan maids for assignment

Moroccan maids are distinguished maids, since their distinction is in language and religion as well as hygiene.

You can contact Om Dima through this number.
0508064274, which provides Moroccan maids and offers the benefit of a 3 month maid experience.

All you have to do is submit your ID and visa number, wait two weeks, and then receive the maid.

It is also possible to contact a group of maids, nannies and nurses for personal recruitment through this number 966508064274, since the group provides maids from Morocco at a cost of 1,2000 Saudi riyals, negotiable, and the maid can be judged by a period. of 3 months.

Your experiences with Ugandan maids

The Ugandan workforce has now become one of the required workers in Saudi Arabia and yet it is a modest workforce in terms of output. Now we offer you experiences with the Ugandan maids.

One lady says, “I tried various nationalities in the maid issue, but I didn’t like the Ugandan maid, as her performance was modest, although she was a good and obedient personality, but her efficiency was not at the required level.”

Another says: “I asked for a Ugandan Muslim maid, and indeed she came to me, and she was very conservative in her prayers and treated the children kindly and taught them useful lessons, and in terms of hygiene she was very clean and listened to my words and implemented what was required to the maximum.”

While another says: “I asked a Ugandan maid whether her religion was Islam or Christianity, but after she came, I saw her make strange movements and I doubted her until I found out she was a Buddhist and was lying to me.

Countries authorized to hire maids 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the countries that can hire maids in 2020, and the countries that can hire maids are as follows:

2- Philippines
3- Sri Lankan
4- Bangladesh
5- Mauritania

Recruitment of maids from the Philippines

Filipino domestic workers have proven their worth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Filipino nationality has become one of the most important nationalities required in the Kingdom, and it is possible to apply for the recruitment of domestic workers from the Philippines by contacting the branch of the company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through this number 00639996522229.

When contacting the company representative in the Philippines to choose the specifications of the domestic helper, or contact the number mentioned above to see the office resumes, as it contains various resumes of the most qualified domestic helpers in the Philippines, and after of the agreement, a quarter of the amount is paid, then the visa is issued for the maid and a contract is drawn up for her. From the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Manila.

After the maid arrives in Saudi Arabia, the rest of the amount is paid, and then she enters the probationary period.

Nepal Maid Recruitment 2020

Currently, there are not many offices that employ maids from Nepal, after many complaints from clients due to the late arrival of the maids and their inability to meet the needs of the clients.

You can also contact Al-Yamamah Recruitment Office through this number 920005268 as the office provides the recruitment of Nepali maids.

Al-Yamamah’s office is located in the city of Riyadh, Ghartana, specifically on Khaled Bin Al-Waleed street.

Bangladesh Maid Recruitment 2020

The Bangladeshi workforce received the highest percentage of applications over the past year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a rate of 21%, after proving that it is the most efficient in the labor and cleaning domain.

You can download Musaned program which is an app that provides housemaids of all nationalities especially Bangladeshis as the cost of hiring Bangladeshi workers is the cheapest which is 7000 rials.

You can contact the Al-Anqari office for recruiting Bangladeshi workers through this number 966543812070 at a cost of 9000 Saudi Riyals, not including 4 month visa.

Durrat Al-Ittihad’s office in Riyadh offers to hire Bangladeshi maids at a cost of 4,000 Saudi riyals for a month. You can contact the office through the following number 0594965673.

Maid for rent in Buraidah cheap 2020

It is possible to contact Al-Wessam Company through this number 0581952013, to rent maids at a cost of 2200 Saudi riyals per month, and the contract extends for 3 months.

The company deals with various nationalities, namely Indonesian, Filipino, Nepali, Sri Lankan, Nepali and Vietnamese.

You can also contact People’s Maid Company via this number 920000784 as they offer cleaning services at reasonable prices.

You can also contact Mahara Company through the following number 920011151, to inquire about the maids and their prices.

Burundian maids and their experiences with Burundian maids

Burundi maids are known for their stamina and patience and now we will give you experiences with Burundi maids.

You can contact the Rawad Najran office to hire Burundian maids through:

Telephone: 0175435628.. 0556378864

Email: [email protected]

The office hires Burundian maids at a cost of 9,500 Saudi riyals. The office is located at Najran, Al-Faisaliah, Yazid bin Ma`bad Street.

One lady narrates her experience with a Burundian maid, saying: “I have a very clean Burundian maid and she can do all the work without her heart breaking. Rather, she always says that it is fine and does what she wants. I advise you to try Maids of Burundi.

Your experiences with maids in Ghana

Among the countries where maids are recruited from is the state of Ghana, and now we are passing on experiences with Ghanaian maids.

One lady says, “I never recommend dealing with Ghanaian state maids as I dealt with a maid who was very stubborn.

Another relates: “Unfortunately, the Ghanaian maid I dealt with was very slow and difficult to deal with. She doesn’t listen to words and is tired. I couldn’t deal with her for more than a week and I left her.”