My experience with Rivotril for the treatment of depression has recently appeared mental illnesses that affect young people more often than adults, which are depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder One of the most important drugs for treatment of depression is Rivotril, and we are going to show everything related to this drug and its effectiveness.

My experience with Rivotril for depression

My experience with depression began after going through several bad situations, and since I couldn’t reveal what made me sad, these situations accumulated inside me until I lost the ability to return to normality and completely isolated myself from my friends and relatives. , until I had to go to a psychiatrist and he followed up and he prescribed me I took Rivotril and kept taking it until my depression symptoms disappeared and I was back to normal.

What are the uses of Rivotril?

Rivotril is a drug for the treatment of depressive episodes, since it controls all the excess nerve loads in the brain, which results in diseases such as epilepsy and others.
We found that Rivotril works to treat a number of psychological illnesses, including:
– Depression.
Anxiety, tension and fear.
Nerve diseases.
It can also be used as a sedative and hypnotic.

rivotril side effects

Although it treats various mental and brain diseases, it contains several side effects that you should be careful of and seek the help of a doctor as soon as any symptoms appear, and those effects will be explained to you in detail below:
It can cause blurred vision.
Memory problems and disturbances may occur.
Sensation of weakness in the muscles.
Excessive desire to sleep.
Body changes such as excessive weight gain or thinness.
Coughing, nasal congestion, and runny nose may occur.

The exact dose of Rivotril

The doctor determines the necessary dose for each patient, and generally at the beginning of the treatment, the patient takes one milligram per day, and the dose is increased from 4 to 8 milligrams per day, on a regular basis, and the doses are divided into two categories. In the case of insomnia, one tablet is taken only immediately before going to bed. Depression and other diseases. The dose is taken three times a day.

How to use

Rivotril should be taken on an empty stomach or immediately after eating, in case of stomach upset and irritation, and the tablets can also be well crushed and mixed with food or juice, and taken, will give the same effect without any change. and its diagnosis.

rivotril price

Rivotril is available in all pharmacies in the Kingdom, but it will not be dispensed except by order of the doctor, and its price is 15.3 Saudi riyals, and they are completely confident about the efficacy of this drug and its ability to treat depression of immediate way.

How to Get Rid of Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications

Once you get used to psychiatric medications, you will face the side effects derived from them, to which you will have to adapt, and this is done through several steps that you can follow, and these steps are explained below:

You should cut down on sugars, such as sugary foods and drinks.

Choose foods that contain a low percentage of calories, such as vegetables and fruits, which benefit the body in several ways.

Avoid saturated fat.
Reduce the number of meals you eat and eat more slowly.

See a dietitian to monitor your weight regularly.

Do sports activities at specific times during the week.

Follow up with your psychiatrist to see if there are any new side effects from the medications you are taking.