Silicone gel to treat scars In the following lines we will learn if silicone gel treats scars or not and what are the uses of silicone gel.

Silicone gel for the treatment of scars.

  • Silica gel is used to treat scars after healing wounds and burns.
  • Contributes to the treatment of wounds after a cesarean section
  • It is used to get rid of the effects of plastic surgery.
  • The price of New Gel +E Advance Silicone Gel 15g at Nahdi Pharmacy is about 210 Saudi Riyals

My experience with silicone dressings

the first experiment

  • One of the experiments with silicone dressings mentioned that she was using silicone dressings on the wound after the doctor advised her to use it, as she said that my experience with silicone dressings was really a good experience with no problems.
  • Since the silicone dressings were easy to use, I also got a good result after using the silicone dressings.

the second experiment

  • One of the experiences with silicone strips said that he had used a silicone strip on the burn to remove the effects, since the doctor advised him to use it, and then he was able to remove the effects of the burn, so he said that my experience with silicone dressings it was good

third experiment

  • While one of the experiments with silicone bandages indicated that he had encountered some problems using silicone bandages, as he preferred to use silicone gel as an alternative to bandages.

Silicone Medication Dressings

  • The price of 3M Nexcare Adhesive Plaster, Assorted Sizes30 pcs is about SAR 18.
  • The price of Nexcare Tegaderm Waterproof Transparent Pads4 pcs is about 20 SAR
  • The price of Nexcare Tigaderm Wound Pad Dressing5 pcs is about 24 SAR
  • The price of Opsite postoperative plaster1 piece is about 8 Saudi riyals

The best type of silicone plaster.

  • There are many types of silicone dressings, as silicone dressings help to eliminate scars, wounds, burns, and the effects of burns and wounds.
  • Therefore, the doctor advises to use silicone dressings, since they are better than silicone gel to treat scars.
  • Therefore, you should know the best types of silicone dressings through your doctor, since he determines the type and size of the dressings, depending on the type and size of the wound.
  • Scarban Silicone Dressings
  • stereostrip adhesives

Nahdi silicone dressings

  • Silicone dressing prices can vary for different types of dressings, so it is difficult to determine a specific price for silicone dressings.
  • The price of Scarmed Silicone Gel 15g at Nahdi Pharmacy is about 225.40 Saudi Riyals.

Silicone dressings after the operation.

  • The doctor prescribes silicone dressings after operations, as they help to heal the wound and reduce the color of the scars after the operation.
  • Silicone dressings also contribute to the rapid healing of the wound and the restoration of the normal shape of the body.
  • Silicone dressings do not cause pain when applied.
  • Silicone dressings are safer than silicone gels.
  • Silicone dressings after childbirth also contribute to the pain of the surgical wound

Scarban Silicone Dressings

  • Scarban silicone dressings are considered one of the best types of silicone dressings as they help to remove traces of the wound.
  • Silicone dressings contain a thick layer of silicone, which helps to remove scars after operations.

silicone dressings for caesarean section

  • In the event that you want to use silicone dressings after a caesarean section, you can consult your doctor first, and here are some of the advantages of silicone dressings after childbirth.
  • Silicone dressings help heal wounds after a caesarean section
  • Silicone dressings also help to remove traces of the wound.
  • Silicone adhesive is also useful for treating the effects of operations, wounds, and burns.
  • However, it is preferable to use silicone dressings under the supervision of a doctor.