The benefits of senna for magic, there are many benefits to the senna plant, which is a widespread plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My experience with Alsanamaki for magic There are many benefits of treating magic, in this article we present the benefits of Al-Sanamaki for magic.

The benefits of senna for magic

Senna is a plant known as the senna plant. It has several benefits, the most important of which is the treatment of magic, as narrated on the authority of Aisha, may God be pleased with her, which the Messenger said, may god bless him and grant him peace, if there was something to cure death it would be in senna.

Ibn al-Qayyim said in his book The Treatment of Magic that senna treats various diseases in the body, the most important of which is the treatment of magic and dark obsessions.

He added that senna cures the heart and body of all diseases, and it is a very valuable plant.

Alsnamaki to clean the abdomen

Senna contains sparkling glucose acid, an acid that cleanses the stomach lining and helps soften the intestines.

Snamaki contributes to the treatment of gases found in the abdominal area if mint is added to it, it also treats indigestion and helps the digestion process without the presence of pain by treating constipation.

Senna consists of various compounds and substances such as vitamins A, D, C and B. In addition to containing flavonoids, gels, volatile oil and naphthalene glycosides, all these substances contribute to completely cleansing the abdomen and facilitating digestion.

How to use sin

Senna can be used through the following mixture, which is 2 grams of senna, plus two cloves and half a tablespoon of ginger.

The above ingredients are mixed, then added to boiling water and left for a full 24 hours, after which this mixture is filtered and taken orally before breakfast.

You can also add a tablespoon of aniseed to the mentioned mixture and eat it immediately after waking up.

When does the sanamki effect expire?

The effect of the sen begins for a period that goes from 6 to 12 hours after consuming the drink and continues for a period of time, depending on the dose, condition and purpose, causing diarrhea, so it is advisable not to go outside immediately after consuming it. so as not to expose yourself to an embarrassing situation.

Jaber Al-Qahtani’s Al-Sanamky Method

Senna is one of the herbs that is very helpful in cleansing and cleansing the stomach and has been taken by Dr. Jaber Al-Qahtani, an expert in herbal and alternative medicine.

Senna is eaten by putting its leaves in a cup of boiling water, then adding mint to it, leaving it for two hours, then straining and eating it early in the morning.

It is recommended not to eat senna for children, pregnant women, and patients with infections and intestinal obstructions, and it is also recommended not to use it for a long time.

My experience with Alsnamaki to lose weight

My experience with Alsanamaki for magic And also to lose weight, because it is used to lose weight, since it helps to reduce calories, and thus you lose weight quickly, but it is preferable not to use it for a long time because its damage will be greater than its benefits, and we will . learn about it through my experience with Al-Sanamky for magic and some other experiences of it.

My experience with Al-Sanamky for Magic, a girl who suffered from thinness says: “I suffered from extreme weight and was afraid to go to university because of the bullying and teasing I was exposed to, so I decided to go on a diet that it would help to lose weight, and i actually started to reduce the amounts of food and avoid foods that contain a lot of calories, and i started eating senna with the addition of ginger, and i got amazing result, only constant diarrhea is faulty during my use of senna”.

Al-Nahdi Senna Seeds

There are senna pills available in pharmacies, and they are pills that have the same effect as senna and are recommended to be used as well.

Arcopharm capsules of the senna plant are now available within Al-Nahdi Pharmacy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, priced at 35 Saudi Riyals, and you can order the product now to relieve the pain of diarrhea and cleanse the abdomen.

My experience with senna for colon

Senna is used for the purpose of treating irritable bowel syndrome, as it is a strong laxative, and now we bring you a successful experience of a 25-year-old girl with senna cramps.

My experience with senna for magic and weight loss, the girl says: “Senna has helped me relieve colon pain, since I used it once a month because I know that excessive use is very harmful, and I added mint, which is also an effective treatment for the colon, and over time I had better results and my colon symptoms lessened.” I advise you to try it, but without excess, because it contains a toxic substance.