Whoever tried induction, Hawa world, induction is induction of labor or labor stimulation in which the uterus is stimulated to start normal labor and delivery, the doctor may advise induction for many reasons, especially if there are serious issues affecting the mother. or the fetus, and we learn more information during our topic who tried to induce the world of Eve

Who tried to incite the Hawa world?

  • She answers the question of who tried induction, Alem Hawa, one of the women who says that I tried induction because she suffered from high blood pressure.
  • Where my doctor decided to give birth at the beginning of the 9th month, and then I lay on the bed and he squeezed hard and some blood came out with a brownish color.
  • The doctor told me that this is the uterine plug, which was opened, and the nurse gave me divorce artificial eggs, then the back needle, and I was born last.

Labor induction by hand

  • Manual induction of labor is when the male or female doctor removes the membranes with a finger at the opening of the vagina.
  • Then the finger is moved in a specific way to stimulate the separation of the amniotic membranes that surround the fetus from the uterine wall of the pregnant woman.

How do I goad myself?

  • Intimacy is the best way to elicit and stimulate contractions and induce labor, as the fetus assumes the proper position for delivery with orgasm.
  • The body produces the hormone oxytocin, which works to increase uterine contractions, so it is recommended to practice marital relations in the last months of pregnancy.

labor induction pain

  • The stimulation stimulates contractions that are painful after a while, but the pain can be relieved by walking, using a balloon, or showering, but if these methods don’t work, pain relievers or epidural anesthesia can be used.
  • Before using the balloon, the medical history of the pregnant woman must be taken into account, in addition to her state of health and her progress with the pregnancy.
  • With induction, bleeding can occur in some women, especially those with placenta previa, and can lead to a longer time to give birth.

When does labor start after induction?

  • The duration of the induction varies from woman to woman and from woman to woman. There are a number of factors that affect the induction period, but generally the duration of the induction is anywhere from a few hours to 2-3 days, depending on the case.
  • During labor induction, the membranes are separated from the pregnant woman’s cervix and the doctor performs this procedure to measure the uterus and examine the vagina.
  • During this period, this area expands by separating the membranes that surround the fetus from the cervix. During stimulation, the woman feels pain accompanied by some blood, and at the end, the labor process is facilitated.

Does labor induction help?

  • Yes, induction helps facilitate normal labor.
  • However, there are some rare cases where prompting is not required.

Postpartum symptoms after induction

  • Baby Prolapse: Where the pregnant woman feels the baby descend in the pelvic area, the baby’s head is down and ready to be released. Thinning of the cervix is ​​also one of the signs of labor, as the cervix becomes shorter and softer. and these signs usually appear hours or weeks before.
  • Contractions Contractions are one of the signs of labor, which increase with stimulation, as a woman’s uterus contracts during pregnancy and as labor approaches, contractions help the baby descend into the canal. labor and then expelled.
  • Rupture of the bag of water: the baby is surrounded by liquid, and when the bag ruptures, abundant or slow fluid comes out, and this matter varies from person to person, you must see a doctor to monitor the rest of the symptoms and confirm the date of birth.