Why do we see the dead in a dream? In the following lines we will learn about the reasons for seeing the dead in a dream, and what are the interpretations of this for students of interpretation, and other details about it.

Why do we see the dead in a dream?

  • Some scholars mentioned that seeing the dead in a dream can be true in some cases, as the vision of the dead can be true.
  • Also, seeing the dead can be an expression of their condition after death.
  • Whereas if the deceased appears in poor condition and appearance, this can be a bleak affair.

Does the soul of the dead stay at home?

  • Some scholars mentioned that after death, the actions of the deceased are cut off, as the soul ascends to the isthmus, that is, between the day of death and the day of resurrection.
  • Where the soul leaves the body after death, but it has not been proven that the soul of the dead remains in the house after death, as the soul separates from the body after death and ascends to heaven

Will the spirit of the dead descend on Thursday?

  • The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, was reported to have said that the best days to visit the dead are Friday, the day before and the day after.
  • As visiting the dead is one of the desirable things, it reminds the living of death, and makes him feel sermonized and considerate.

Does the deceased miss his family?

  • Some scholars have mentioned that the dead person’s actions are interrupted after death, but he can feel the visitation and peace of relatives.
  • Likewise, the deceased may feel safe when visiting a relative, but the deceased does not miss his family, but feels calm when visiting his family.
  • Also, visiting the graves is for a sermon and an apology for death, as well as a reminder of death, as reported by the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.

Is the dead man waiting to visit his family on Friday?

  • The schools differed on whether the dead feel who visits him or not, except that the day of visiting the dead, the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, mentioned that the best days to visit the dead are Friday, the day before and the day before. the day after
  • However, when asked if the deceased is expecting a visit from his family on Friday or not, one of the sects mentioned that the dead approached their graves and died on Friday, when they meet their visitors.

Does the dead feel those around him?

  • Several scholars mentioned that the deceased may feel that someone is visiting him as this is due to what was reported on the authority of the Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him. The Prophet, may the peace and prayers of God be upon him, said: “Whoever passes the grave of his brother, or the grave of a man whom he met in this world, then greet him with peace. He will answer him, peace be upon him, and know him.”
  • As this hadith confirms that the dead can sense someone visiting him, therefore the living must, passing near a grave, throw down the salaam, as the deceased throws back the salaam.

Does the dead man see his funeral?

  • There are many questions about death, but death is one of the most mysterious things as it is not possible to establish certain facts about death.
  • Therefore, we must neither confirm nor deny the possibility of the dead seeing his funeral, as the scholars did not find definitive proof of it, and there was no text or hadith related to the confirmation of the vision of the dead man’s funeral.

Does the deceased visit his family in a dream?

  • Interpretation scholars have mentioned that seeing the dead visiting your family in a dream could be, and God knows best, could be evidence of your desire to be reassured by them.
  • Therefore, if a dead dreamer sees a dead dreamer visiting his family in a dream, God knows best, it may be evidence of his desire to know the conditions of his family between good and evil.