Words of peace, my aunt, in the following lines we will show you some phrases to welcome your aunt when she returns from a trip, and other phrases that interest you.

Words that bring you peace, aunty

  • My aunt, my love… my friend, my sister and my second mother… you travel and arrive and return to us safe and sound.
  • May God bless her mistake… and protect her… and make her a happy and successful journey… and a safe return.
  • May God protect my beloved aunt on her journey and return, Amen
  • My dear aunt, I will not describe to you what is in my heart because of your absence from me… but I really want to see you… so come back soon.

Words that bring you peace, aunty

  • My dear aunt, go and come back to us safely.
  • My dear aunt, we wish you a happy journey and a successful return.
  • My Lord, I have a traveler who loves him… so protect him and promise kindness and safety to us.
  • My dear aunt, if you decide to leave, I will only ask you to come back quickly.

Words that bring you peace, my mother

  • My Lord protect you and bring you back safely, my mother… God protect my uncle with your eyes that do not sleep
  • Oh God, make it easy for my mother to come and go… and bring her to me safely.
  • My beloved mother, how long have I waited for this day… May God protect you on your way and reunite us with you in safety.
  • Take care, dear… don’t miss us… your presence gives us all forms of happiness.

Words that bring you peace friend

  • My dear friend… I arrived at your country, at your home, and at your friendship with a thousand kindnesses and security.
  • May God meet you, my dear friend, in peace.
  • Dear friend, stay safe… I miss you so much… and I bring you many lost novels.
  • I look forward to your arrival, my dear friend. May God protect and protect you, my love.

Words that reach safety dear

  • Oh beloved of my heart… Oh inhabitant of my soul… awaiting your safe return to my heart and soul
  • May you rest in peace my dear beloved… in my heart your absence is a fire… you will eat it in each absence
  • Oh God protect me a long lost lover..and the heart longs to find him
  • My dear beloved heart.. you have reached a billion security, the sweetest news I have ever heard in my life

Words that bring peace, my love

  • My dear love, I cannot describe to you my happiness. May God complete my joy with your safe arrival, my heart.
  • I miss you, my dearest lover… May God safely deliver you to me… and protect you from all harm and evil.
  • My dear beloved, with longing, my heart awaits you… reach us safely
  • Peace be with you, my dearest lover. Your faithful lover is waiting for you.

Words that bring peace, brother

  • My beloved brother.. I didn’t want to say goodbye to you.. I miss you before your absence.. May God protect you and bring you back safely, my love.
  • My dear brother, come back to us safe and sound.
  • Be safe my dear brother, may your journey be happy and successful.
  • I traveled and did not let my eyes see you, and I cannot wait while you are away from me.

Words that reach peace, my uncle

  • My beloved uncle, how much I miss you… So many days separated us… Today, God has authorized us to meet… May God protect him and make his path easier.
  • May you rest in peace, my uncle. May God protect you and ease your affairs in exile.
  • My beloved uncle, everyone is waiting for you after patience. May God bring you back to us with kindness and safety.

Words that bring peace, dad

  • O God, protect my father on his travels and on his return… and make it a successful journey, O Lord of the worlds.
  • My dear father, take us to a safe place, dear
  • My Lord, I have a traveler that I love and miss before I travel. God protect him.. and make it an easy journey.. and a successful return to my father.
  • Oh Lord, my father is far away from me… when I hear his voice while he is away, my heart breaks longing for him.

Words that bring peace, my dear uncle

  • Take care, my dear uncle. Everyone is waiting for you with beautiful feelings and happiness on everyone’s faces since they heard the news of your arrival. May God protect you and facilitate your journey, my love.
  • May you rest in peace, my beloved uncle, to all your loved ones
  • Thank God for your safety man. Today I feel safe because of your presence with me
  • Dear uncle, how long have the nights been without security… but today I hope with your return the return of peace and security… may God protect me on his journey and on his return.

Peaceful words, my friend

  • Dear friend… I know very well the reason for your departure… but I want you to return to me safe and sound, God willing
  • Dear friend..maybe you have to protect yourself in exile..fear God in every moment and action..preserve the purity of your heart..preserve my love in your heart..may God bring you back to us. Safely
  • Friendship does not fade with distance… you have to know it well along your way… to return to me as you left me friend
  • Be safe my dear friend… how long have you been away from us… and what is the worst thing in the world without you

Words that bring you peace, sister

  • My little sister…my love of the air…may God bless you on your travels…and protect you for me everywhere
  • Oh God, protect my sister… and correct her mistake… Oh God, ease all her affairs for my sister… Oh God, make it a happy journey
  • Oh God, I ask you, oh God, that with these rains, you free every traveler with kindness and safety for everyone who loves him… and preserve the return of my beloved sister
  • My beautiful sister…I’m waiting for you to return to my heart…God bless you and keep you, the most beautiful sister in the world